Projects Green Reveal Watch

Projects Green Reveal Watch


GREEN Reveal

The Reveal is celebrating it’s 16th year in the Projects Collection with a new Green Reveal in an “army green” color.  Available in a 40mm (1.57”) stainless steel case, this GREEN Reveal is not a man’s watch, but a watch for anyone who prefers a larger and bolder timepiece. The Reveal has long been an icon of the Projects collection, and the new GREEN Reveal is the perfect addition to any outfit.

With Reveal, time is always in the present. This timekeeper reveals the current time through a looking glass while fading the past and the future. If you are a person of the present, this watch is made specifically for you.


The 40mm GREEN Reveal Watch is at once a classic minimalist watch that becomes even more contemporary in a bigger, bolder size that complement’s the design’s unique subtlety.  Watch carefully as the old time begins to fade away while the new times fades in.  Sort of like out with the old and in with the new!  The center of the watch shows the minutes in 5 minute increments and like the outer hour, time fades in and fades out with the passing minutes.

Reveal celebrates its 16th year with the creation of GREEN Reveal. This new 40mm size has been added to the Collection just a few years ago and proudly sits side by side with it older and smaller sibling; the 33mm Reveal.

While copied, Reveal has never been duplicated…until now. Available in a 40mm diameter (1.57”), this oversized GREEN Reveal is not just a man’s watch, but is for anyone who prefers a larger and bolder timepiece. Choose from BLACK, STEEL, WHITE and now GREEN versions!

A true contemporary of time!

40mm ARMY GREEN REVEAL Watch has a diameter of (1.60″) and 8.85mm high (0.35″)

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