Fatboy Headdemock

Fatboy Headdemock



Fatboy® Headdemock will make you feel like you have so much nothing to do. Whether you’re sipping cocktails in the sunny shade or secretly being watched by your neighbours, it just makes you float like a feather. You can even share it with someone else and imagine two palm trees where there is actually a sturdy Fatboy® support frame, while you're busy not worrying about a thing. Fatboy® Headdemock is worrilessly yours! Recommend keeping Headdemock covered when not in use to minimize constant exposure to water or sunlight. Fading is possible when left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. 

Measures110 inches long by 55 inches wide.

Color nuances may vary with different monitors and may cause colors to differ slightly from the product image represented and the actual product.


Hammock: polyester
Frame: metal and rubber


Hammock: 100% polyester fiberfill


Hammock: water- and dirt repellent
Frame: powder coating


Hammock & Frame: 54 lbs

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